Favorite Face Mask

My new awesome face mask!
You’ve got to try this mask, it draws out so much sebum (crapola that clogs your pores) it’s unbelievable. I still can’t believe what was drawn out, like a amped up biore strip!

It’s comes in power form so you can make it as clay-like or “runny” as you like depending on how much water you add.

I make my thicker in trouble places such as my tee zone.. It first goes on wet as you can see in this pic. I made it thin this time because it is drying to if used too much.

Then this is 10 mins later after it has set up. And it feels so tight and dry, its hard to smile or make any expression for that matter. LOL
I use it every 7-10 days depending on breakouts, blemishes, how much I’m sweating, etc..
I highly suggest this mask. It’s a miracle worker, especially if you just want to use it as a spot treatment.
** Also, remember to rehydrate your skin liberally after use.


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