Posted in August 2012


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a stimulant whore. Pardon my French… But it’s true. I bow down to my Keurig every morning, and often state it’s changed my life. I even got a life time supply of kcups from a boyfriend once. Uh best gift ever! I also frequent Starbucks more than I’d like … Continue reading

Glimpse of my Paleo Journey

So I decided Jan 1, 2012 I’d start full throttle and go Paleo! After researching and much criticism I thought hey I’ll try for at least 3 months. And truly was pretty diligent.. I’d say for 5-6 months I was 85% paleo 15% vodka soda lol I was good about progress pics in the beginning. … Continue reading

Paraben 411

Most people aren’t familiar with what parabens are… But most should know they are found in most everything in your cosmetic cabinet… Lotions, perfume, personal lubricants, hair spray, shave gel, facial cleaners, list goes on and on! Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.. They preserve shelf life and fight bacteria/fungus. … Continue reading

New Airport Beauty Bars

In my recent travels I stumbled upon this “Airport Beauty Bar”… Basically a vending machine of things you and I would want or need! CVS on the go? I dig!!! Had to share! #fitchickbeautytipsforgirlsontheGO

Buying Local!

Veggies, fruit, oh my! So many questions come to mind when looking at produce. Buy local? If so, where? At the grocery store or a speciality store or farmers market? Is it costly? Buying local is always the best idea. You’re supporting local farmers, emissions to the environment are lower when purchasing closer to home, … Continue reading

Minimus Shoe Craze

Soooo I’ve definitely co-signed on the whole “minimus shoe” craze. Now don’t go worrying, I don’t have five fingers or anything.. Well, not yet anyway! I started dabbling minimal cross trainers September of last year and really haven’t looked back.. They mimic barefoot training allowing you to focus on your gait and weight distribution. These … Continue reading

Help me help you!

Seems I have a Rolodex of ideas, topics, products, and more I can’t wait to blog about! Buuut, if there’s anything specific please let me know! Questions? Recommendations? Things to try? I’m open to all suggestions! Please email me!