Posted in September 2012

Blister Savior

Quick quick post but this is a savior for blisters not only in new heels but also, chaffing and blisters while running/gym time. This product is wonderful! save my feet Advertisements

Favorite Face Mask

My new awesome face mask! You’ve got to try this mask, it draws out so much sebum (crapola that clogs your pores) it’s unbelievable. I still can’t believe what was drawn out, like a amped up biore strip! It’s comes in power form so you can make it as clay-like or “runny” as you like … Continue reading

HOLY eyeshadow?!

I was cleaning out my makeup bag this morning.. And I have my every day makeup in one bag, I have “purse makeup” for touch ups, then all my “goods” for night time/ special occasion makeup, not to mention my back stock of new things I’ve yet to try. Complicated I know! But, it works … Continue reading

Lovable Vaseline

I’ve grown up only knowing Vaseline as a staple.. My mom uses it for all things beauty related.. It’s how I learned to take mascara off, dry elbows and heels, chapped lips. There were always copious amounts of “petroleum jelly” in our household. LOL But as an adult trying many many different makeup removers I … Continue reading

New recipe! PROTEIN

It’s going to sound odd but I found a new fav!! I’ve been boiling eggs like crazy lately! Trying to get lean once again in short time span. It’s been nice having a goal of 6 weeks after a couple of fun summer partying months… Drinking, eating, traveling… Have caught up. So I recently was … Continue reading

What’s in my center console?

We’ve all heard of “What’s in my bag/purse?” blog and vlog posts.. I decided to put a little spin on it and post what’s in my center console. LOL I pretty much live in my car it seems. And I take pride in always being prepared for any situation. Hate being without! So here we … Continue reading

New Foundation LOVE

So I’m sure we’ve all seen the craze of “colorstay” products from Revlon. I’ve fallen in love with the Colorstay nail polishes, eyeliner, and eye shadows. I did buy a concealer this spring in the stick form I wasn’t thrilled about at all. Its the lipstick looking one you twist up. Not good coverage or … Continue reading

Skull Candys

Skull Candys! The best ear buds I’ve found by far! I hate all apple ear buds, they don’t fit my ears at all!! But I found skull candys years ago and have had numerous pairs over the years. I’m guilty of matching certain colors with certain gym outfits hehe. Moderately priced and found at many … Continue reading

Nails!!! Obsessed.

Ok ok Pardon me for the lag time between posts eeeek. Anyway, moving right along.. NAILS! All my girl friends know I’m obsessed with changing my color OFTEN. Yea yea shellac, gel, whatevs so 3 years ago ladies lol I need variety! And my nails must be painted or I’m liable to chew them off! … Continue reading