Mission Tanner

This is a quickie but a goodie!
I really always look for new self tanners that work well, gradually come off and don’t stink! Woof! You know what im talking about!
And I’m willing to try any of them! Here’s what’s in my cabinet at the moment-

I like feeling tan! I mean who doesn’t! You look healthier and feel confident in my opinion. And I love bronzers for your face, I never tan my face. I’m a hat collector! If I’m in the sun I have one on. And I have worn SPF 30 everyday since turning 20ish. #wannalookgoodat40

But out of all these tanners which I’m sure a few you’ve seen and a few are pretty uncommon.. My fav is one that is readily available and pretty easy to get, online or in store.
Ulta’s Tinted Self-Tanning Continuous Spray
Color: Medium deep
..but they have a lighter variation too.. I’m pretty olive naturally so it works for meee.

It’s a continuous spray that can be turned upside down which is really helpful for your back and hiney, etc..
It is a lil fragrant but I like to shave and exfoliate the night before I know I need a lil extra bronze action.. Dry off really well thennnn.. Spray post shower, (i like to actually stand in my shower and spray it all over because it will cause a sticky mess on your bathroom floor/ stain rugs/ carpet) let the mist dry after spraying (5-10 mins), wear loose pjs to bed and rinse in the morn. After I rinse I slap a nice deep moisturizer all over. I find your spray tans last way longer and look better when your skin is fully hydrated.
Ulta’s spray works really well!
A can lasts me a couple weeks if I touch up every 3 days or so.
It’s uber affordable.. $10 bucks or so at ulta annnnnd you know they always have a deals and coupons so I usually score it for less!
Ultas Site
Confession: okay… It’s like a do this once a year right as the weather is warming up..convincing myself it’s ok. And every time I do I always feel guilt ridden and kinda yucky. Shhh but I fell victim to the tanning bed thinking I could get a little base to start the spring season with and then use my spray..
Um NO. Always sounds like a good idea but NO.. I’m itchy, my booty is burnt and I felt so guilty. It’s dangerous as we all know and if my Dermatologist heard this.. He’d most def give me a talking to!
But– I think photo ops in the tanning bed are freaking hilarious!

Hahaha! Call me cra, but you gotta laugh at yourself! #silly
Channeling my inner Snooki!
If ya can’t tone it… TAN it! Safely of course!
What your fav self tannnnnaaaa???
I hear Victoria Secret has a few good ones, but have yet to try!


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