Lovely Lashes

I’ve recently have been getting eyelash extensions. I’m #obsessed!
I get the mink up grade and use lengths 9-14. I like a more glamorous look vs more natural. I mean I’ve loved falsies and wore them on the regular these last couple years but I’m enjoying my extensions even more so.
Initial application takes about 2 hours..
Each individual lash is glued/extended from one of your natural lashes. My first application I got about 40-50 lashes on each eye. Here is before and after-

The top pic is obviously before and the bottom is after.
I got a fill about 10 days later because I’m silly obsessed and wanted more!
I got another 30 lashes on each eye… Resulting in this look-

Vava Voom!
As you can see way more fullness. Love!
After your application you’re not allowed to get them wet for 48 hours and stay away from steam for 3 days.
A little hard but just wear goggles in shower (good look!) or take a bath.
This will extend the life of your lashes. With proper care you can go 3 weeks in between fills.
The glue bonds to your hair, the glue on the inside is wet and the outside is hard. A primer, glue and sealant is used on basically each lash.
I definitely like the mink lashes vs. the synthetic. They feel more real, look more natural, last longer from my experience.
I like to wear mascara on them for evening for an even more dramatic look! I just bought Jane Iredales mascara made safe for eyelash extensions. Works really well and I haven’t seen any lashes come out in result of wearing it like drugstore mascara. And beware of touching them! Believe me, you’ll want to but again to prolong the life of them, keep your hand oils off the lashes and protect the bond.
I love waking up looking like mascara is on but it’s just my lashes!!!
An initial app costs around $150-200
I think it’s worth it! And where I get them done is fabulous!!

You’ve got to try lovelies!


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