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Glo Theraputics Latest

Glo Theraputics Latest

The latest product from Glo. Back acne salcylic acid spray for body. 360 degree spray, optimal for post workout body care! Retails for $33.00! Advertisements



A peel to try at home! So far so good, a bit tingly but very mild.. glycolic acid and enzymes usually feel this way. I pumped two pumps out into my hand.. Spread evenly on clean skin, neck and chest. I was expecting it to be more harsh feeling simply because Obagi usually is pretty … Continue reading

Triplex Chemical Peel Experience & MORE

So I recently have been dabbling with chemical peels to keep my mug looking tip top.. So I started with baby steps.. Glycolic 30% Skin Ceuticals at home– one layer. Had no idea what in the hell I was doing. Neutralized after a few minutes, flaked a little in days 2-3 post peel. Would do … Continue reading

Lovely Lashes

I’ve recently have been getting eyelash extensions. I’m #obsessed! I get the mink up grade and use lengths 9-14. I like a more glamorous look vs more natural. I mean I’ve loved falsies and wore them on the regular these last couple years but I’m enjoying my extensions even more so. Initial application takes about … Continue reading

Mission Tanner

This is a quickie but a goodie! I really always look for new self tanners that work well, gradually come off and don’t stink! Woof! You know what im talking about! And I’m willing to try any of them! Here’s what’s in my cabinet at the moment- Options! I like feeling tan! I mean who … Continue reading

Japanese Market Treasures

Ok, so this past weekend I went back to a lil Japanese Market I like on the island of Oahu to document the fun treasures I found. I’ve actually stood in this aisle numerous times studying all these foreign products. I try to look up and translate what some do, what they’re for and how … Continue reading

Operation Laser Hair Removal

I was a little hesitant when thinking about this post… But, I decided it was worth sharing because it really has been kind of life changing.. Goal is to never own a razor again! I had had an awful experience at a Laser Hair Removal establishment that shall remain nameless, here in Austin last year.. … Continue reading

Sensation Organization

For all who know me, I travel pretty often.. And am always looking for new ways to pack and be organized while staying stylish! My latest find was a set of Sonia Kashik travel cosmetic bag set. (Found at Target) Here’s the set I purchased! I got the three sizes offered.. Small, sh-medium, and a … Continue reading

Flower Makeup by Drew Barrymore

After reading this article in February 4th’s US weekly I was excited to set out and try Drew’s line that is exclusively at Walmart. I gave myself a $50.00 budget to buy a few things that looked appealing… Eek.. I bought two nail polishes as well, that aren’t pictured. Forgive me. All items are $14.00 … Continue reading