Posted in July 2012

The Buzz on Burt’s Bees

So after evaluating my cosmetic cabinet I’ve come to realize how much I’ve been digging Burt’s Bees Products! Annnnd a new found line by them I’ve heard through the grapevine is being discontinued?! I’m heart broken. I found recently (by suggestion of my sister) the Acne Solutions line by BB which is now no longer? … Continue reading

BCAA and L-Glutamine Recovery

Protein Synthesis. Anabolic Status. Nitrogen Balance. Confused? Let’s get to the bare bones! I often have clients ask what they can do to promote recovery. Here are my tips with some of favorite products.. I’m a firm believer in taking L-glutamine and bcaa’s. Amino acids can aid in fat loss, quicker recovery time, muscle growth, … Continue reading

Protect Your Locks From UV Rays

Ok ok before I get a lecture about fake baking… Let it be known it was the first time in a looooong time. And I was pressured by the big sis. Anyway, it got me thinking in my 10 minutes of frying in front of lights… I should make this known.. Not only am I … Continue reading

Sleep is UNDER rated

Having trouble catching the needed zzz’s your body needs to recoup, recover, and rebuild? Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve found help me! Sleep is of the utmost importance when trying to reach fitness goals. It’s one of our body’s natural ways of making HGH. I think many people, myself included, don’t consider sleep a … Continue reading

Rage on Drugstore BB Cream

If you’ve been in a drugstore in the past month you’re no stranger to BB Creams. You may of or may not of tried but they are simply glorified tinted moisturizers with SPF, primer, moisturizers, concealer, anti aging, all in one. Let me guide you where to spend your pretty penny!! So far I’ve tried … Continue reading

Pre Workout 5 Min Dynamic Warm Up

We’ve all heard you need to warm up before working out.. Essentially warming up your muscles and joints, starting circulation and increasing your heart rate. Priming your body is truly a vital step that many skip or don’t do properly. I’ve tried many, after years of subscribing to women’s fitness magazines, searching YouTube, checking out … Continue reading

Physicians Formula Nude Eye Trio Eyeliners

Really digging these eyeliners!! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by them in the drugstore in years past.. But I got a cvs coupon for any physicians formula 15.00 off and thought I’d try.. They’re like buttaaa! Glide on so smooth, I don’t find myself having to pull my skin to apply. You … Continue reading

Clarisonica Mia 2 How to and REVIEW

Here is a full review and how to. ~~Read and watch the video below! Annnd may I just say… I’m in love.. When I first got Mia, I couldn’t stop using her. I love how clean and smooth my skin feels after using it. I have noticed a for sure reduction in my forehead wrinkles, … Continue reading

Clogged Pores? Try this! OCM with EVOO?

CLEARING CLOGGED PORES… DARE I SAY, BLACKHEAD?! Oil Cleansing Method with Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Yes girls, you heard it here. A natural and very inexpensive/ safe way to purge your pores. Okay, so before doing so I READ a lot about how to remove excess oil and dirt from my pores with olive oil … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello hello fit chicks!! I’ve decided I can’t be the only gal seeking a beauty steal or the latest tips for lean legs and pretty abs, right?? I’ll show you what I’ve learned along the way and tricks of the trade! Excited to share what I know with you! Coupons, discounts, new supplements, reviews on … Continue reading