Triplex Chemical Peel Experience & MORE

So I recently have been dabbling with chemical peels to keep my mug looking tip top.. So I started with baby steps..

Glycolic 30% Skin Ceuticals at home– one layer. Had no idea what in the hell I was doing. Neutralized after a few minutes, flaked a little in days 2-3 post peel. Would do again after a few weeks. Meh. Nothing extraordinary.

Then I tried a couple Glycolic 60% peels by Glo at a local medispa. These were paired with a facial.. Multiple layers of the peel were applied and it was applied as a “dry peel”. If you apply as a dry peel to the skin and don’t hydrate for the 2-4 days after, you will have way better results. Allowing the peel to truly penetrate and slough the first layer of skin. Beware I purged more with the gly 60% but that’s what we want… To bring all that sebum and junk to the surface resulting after in wonderful blemish free skin. But I def was a pizza face for about a week.

Then… The big guns came out.
I kept hearing about the Triplex peel by glo.. It’s considered a medical grade peel containing TCA, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. 3 weapons hence the “TRI” name.
I was forewarned this one would be slightly more intense and I would more than likely have down time. I took a photo the day of in the sunlight with no make up. Brave I know… Look below, pre-peel.


Ok ok.. Not the best photos but you can see some uneven tone, blemishes and not a smooth surface aka clogged pores… Embarrassed face. 😦
I usually feel confident in my skin with makeup on but without I feel scary.

So we start the peel, we decide to be bold and do a dry peel. My esthetician and I discussed that we would do 3 layers and a retinol seal between layer two and three for an added punch.
The triplex would help with my fine lines, clogged pores and hyper pigmentation.
Layer one went on, I had a small hand held fan pointed at me just like you would in most peels.. this is the only thing that got me through the peel offering some sweet relief. Layer two went on and it seemed like jalapeño juice and battery acid was on my face. I feel like she was taking her time and being so thorough but I wanted to tap out! Mercy! Mercy!
But I endured and pretended I was fine, I didn’t know how I was going to survive another layer plus a retinol seal!!! Somehow I did make it, she finally applied the neutralizer and sweet relief it started to calm. It was about 11 mins of peel time only 6 felt like unbearable acid.. So prepare yourself, make convo, and grit your teeth!
She applied SPF and I was on my way.

Now this is the same day- two hours post peel.



Not sure why I look angry lol but as you can see I look refreshed and clean, slightest bit red but nothing crazy.
I think day 3 thru 8 were my worst, my skin was rough, makeup looked awful on so I had to endure and stay tucked away in my office… Almost chalky looking, I had slight peeling around my nose and forehead but nothing terrible line I expected.. Guess I was lucky but everyone reacts differently. Be prepared… Some take as long as 14 days to bounce completely back to normal healed skin/see all the results.
Really was pleased with the new surface of my skin, my glowing complexion and black head free t-zone. I think I’m going to do a series of 3 for maximum results! I suggest doing it!
Can be pricey but worth it.

Notes and suggestions:
Pair your peel with a facial with extractions. The peel will penetrate in problem areas more.

Note that you will be more sensitive to sun, SPF always! It even a hat!

You won’t want to sweat or do any crazy workouts post peel for about 1-2 days… Eliminates breakouts and stinging.

During winter months opt for your chest and neck too! Women usually neglect this area. Or simply forget.

If you regularly use retinol go ahead and pick it up and start using after day 2-3 or until you feel comfortable! I like to be aggressive! I want to see results!

I get a peel about every 2-3 weeks to keep my collagen production up. That’s usually the time frame recommended.

In no way am I medical professional.. These are simply my experiences and advice.


One thought on “Triplex Chemical Peel Experience & MORE

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