HOLY eyeshadow?!

I was cleaning out my makeup bag this morning.. And I have my every day makeup in one bag, I have “purse makeup” for touch ups, then all my “goods” for night time/ special occasion makeup, not to mention my back stock of new things I’ve yet to try. Complicated I know! But, it works for me..
In my day to day makeup I noticed a trend for day time wear… I try and keep this consolidated as possible but still giving me a couple options.. I’m essentially buying the same colors but different brands. Take a look-

Pinks, browns, neutrals and a highlight.
Basically my go to day to day look.
I’m not crazzzzy in love with any of these quad/multiples except Wet N Wilds “walking on eggshells” (the second one). I had heard about it over and over from many beauty bloggers and I find myself going to it most. And can’t beat the price!! 2.99 I believe?! Wowza!
Anyhoo, I was curious… Is this a girl problem or am I crazy? Do you find yourself purchasing the same thing but different? How in the heck will I ever use all this?!
Rant over. Lol


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