The Color is BLUSH

Ok, so lately I’ve been going wild for pinky pinks, girly, lovely, blushing, pink lips!!!! Sooooo NOT me but I’ve been buying pink lipshhhticks left and right. So between high end and drugstore I’ve selected my TWO favs! Not quite a dupe but close enough! The top pink is- Bobbi Brown’s ‘creamy lip color’ in … Continue reading

Nike’s Studio Wrap

Nike’s Studio Wrap A ballet slipper, minimalist shoe hybrid. Zero drop of course but still pretty stinking cute. Quite interesting! Can you see me doing leg days in these? Jusssst kidding!

Shhh! A Secret Skin Beauty Tip!

I have given this regimen a thorough run through before posting. And boy! Has it changed my skin! I found this particular skin routine about 2 months ago… I’m just always warding off uneven texture of my face. Annnnd I’m typically guilty of trying too many new things at once never knowing what’s working for … Continue reading

Prepared for Miles High!

Long haul flights simply take preparation to be comfortable.. Here is my stash I’ve perfected over time. Rule 1: Hydration Skin… Hands, face, lips, eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs. I bring a few products to help: Always a body lotion that doesn’t have an offensive smell.. Usually chose a baby lotion. And sometimes if I have room … Continue reading

“Milk waaaas a BAD choice..”

I noticed a conflict while I was working on my latest project… Aka my tushy. My diet truly was pretty in check. And for all who know me, my weakness in life is SWEETS… My go-to sweety while dieting hard was a lil concoction of- 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 1 scoop chocolate whey Dash of … Continue reading

Estrogen Detox- Miss New Booty

Ok ok… So during my lil blog vacay, I gave myself a goal. 6 weeks to hit BOOTY hard and lean up my legs… Anyone who knows me knows I own my trunks. My thighs always have been super muscular. I typically roll on 22’s.. Yeaaap 22 inches, my thighs, kinda rude, I know! But … Continue reading

Wacky Sabbaty

Pardon my tardy– Have been away on Wacky Sabbaty.. As in sabbatical! Im not too young to do that right?? Some beach time, lots of work, and too many hours clocked on an airplane! I’ve been under the radar for a lil bit but back here in full force with lots of intel to share! … Continue reading

Blister Savior

Quick quick post but this is a savior for blisters not only in new heels but also, chaffing and blisters while running/gym time. This product is wonderful! save my feet

Favorite Face Mask

My new awesome face mask! You’ve got to try this mask, it draws out so much sebum (crapola that clogs your pores) it’s unbelievable. I still can’t believe what was drawn out, like a amped up biore strip! It’s comes in power form so you can make it as clay-like or “runny” as you like … Continue reading

HOLY eyeshadow?!

I was cleaning out my makeup bag this morning.. And I have my every day makeup in one bag, I have “purse makeup” for touch ups, then all my “goods” for night time/ special occasion makeup, not to mention my back stock of new things I’ve yet to try. Complicated I know! But, it works … Continue reading