Insomnia NO MORE.

It’s been some time since my last night time routine blog post.. I’ve been really mixing things up trying to make my sleep patterns optimal to recovery and growth. Here’s what I have for you! Get cozy! Playing with temperature when it comes bed time has been tricky.. But it is proven sleeping with your … Continue reading

Flower Makeup by Drew Barrymore

After reading this article in February 4th’s US weekly I was excited to set out and try Drew’s line that is exclusively at Walmart. I gave myself a $50.00 budget to buy a few things that looked appealing… Eek.. I bought two nail polishes as well, that aren’t pictured. Forgive me. All items are $14.00 … Continue reading

You Manage What You Measure

YOU MANAGE WHAT YOU MEASURE! I’m a firm believer in this concept in life but especially in fitness and fitness goals. Humans by nature are most successful when tracking progress. To see how far you’ve come. Data progression, weight decrease, checklists, etc… All equal a sense of accomplishment. I’m an avid list maker.. This is … Continue reading

Ultimate Body Applicator

This is a little bit different than my average post but I wanted to try this new product and give reviews ASAP! This is on a new product line that promotes a flatter stomach. The “Ultimate Body Applicator” by It Works, Inc. In this post I’ve tried one of the single application wraps. The instructions … Continue reading

Silly cardio motivation!

CARDIO VIDEO Digging deep while under the weather, but making it happen! Allergies are kicking my tushy! Cranking out my 45 mins late night. Leaving for Hawaii in a couple days and def want to feel tight! Dig deep after the lovely holidays we all enjoy so much but often over indulge at. Well worth … Continue reading

Beloved Birch Box

I didn’t realize how much I mention “birch box” until recently. It’s one of the best kept secrets that’s slowly being leaked! Ok girls, fasten your seat belts– here is the best news you’ve had all day! Birch Box is a monthly beauty box subscription. You only pay $10 smack-aroos for!!! When signing up you … Continue reading

Lean Leg HIIT WO

All you need is 25 mins! Save this picture and follow instructions. Easy breezy! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is ideal for leaning up! Happy Cardio-ing!

BellaMi Extension Tune Up

Recently I had a lil hiccup with my new BellaMi Natural Hair extensions, which I learned is quite common.. But before I begin about that… Let me begin my extension story– 🙂 I did a ton of research before purchasing my new locks.. So I got them about two months ago. I’ve learned how to … Continue reading

Chub-Free Pancake!

No hiding it.. *embarrassed face Sweets are my weakness.. My idea of heaven is coffee and pastries. But, I refrain to keep my waist, duh! Here is a yummy recipe to help with a beloved treat, PANCAKES, while dieting! Open face Cinna-bun: You’ll need– 3 egg whites Nilla protein Cinnamon Greek yogurt And a splash … Continue reading