NEW New Balances 3090 V2 Minimus

Recently bought these on a whim more than anything. I went in knowing I’d buy kicks but didn’t think I was going to get anotherrrr pair of new balances… But I’m glad I did!!!
Have had them for three weeks now and have given them quite a few different work outs.. They even feel better than my regular minimus that I’ve bought a few times/ have blog posts on..
Not to mention-

They’re freakin cute! They feel more feminine too, at least to me.. Maybe it’s the pink?
These New Balance 3090 V2 Minimus with RevLite technology.. (Whew! A mouth full) are geared and marketed towards Crossfitters. And I’m a believer they’re really versatile..
I’ve done crossfit workouts, a long run, Olympic lifting all in these shoes and really like them.. The only qualm I have is….the heel-to-toe drop felt substantial compared to my regular zero drop minimus.. These new pink ones have a 19mm-11mm heel-to-toe drop.. 8mm felt like a LOT when I first got them but I know it’s because for a year I’ve grown to only know zero drops..
The RevLite “molecule-shape” foam for the sole is the latest from New Balance and it provides great support, shock absorption and cushion. Really feels good! I also like how breathable the mesh itself is.
At a price point around $90.00 US.. There’s really no losing! I’m def going to get another pair!
I recommend them for sure!
Try them!


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