Japanese Market Treasures

Ok, so this past weekend I went back to a lil Japanese Market I like on the island of Oahu to document the fun treasures I found. I’ve actually stood in this aisle numerous times studying all these foreign products. I try to look up and translate what some do, what they’re for and how they compare to our regular drugstore products.. It’s challenging but so fun!
These little markets seem to be all over Hawaii.. My point is to take a few mins and see what you can find..

<img src="https://fitchickbeautytips.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/20130306-151032.jpg" alt="20130306-151032.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"
I went in looking for ahem, tampons.. No dice… Just these-


Here’s a glimpse of what I saw..
Similar products you’d find in any drugstore.. Just different packaging. 🙂

Thought these were cool… Murdered out cotton swabs lol
They’re naturally black!! Kinda flipping cool!

Then I thought this packaging was funny…

They’re biore strip packaging actually shows the awful truth of what comes out of your pores.. *embarrassed face

But as I’m sipping my green tea, eating a “momo” (a Japanese peach) and snapping pics of things in the makeup aisle…
This song came on-

Oh Alan Jackson… A little country so far away from home. Was just funny, made me feel no matter where you go as long as you do what brings you joy.. You’re on the right track.. This song made me savor and relish this lil moment.
I love this little market and I’m sure glad I stumbled upon it a few months ago.. Now every trip I go in and treat myself to some different products.
Always venture out! You regret what you don’t do more than what you did do.
Rant over. lol


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