Operation Laser Hair Removal

I was a little hesitant when thinking about this post… But, I decided it was worth sharing because it really has been kind of life changing..
Goal is to never own a razor again!
I had had an awful experience at a Laser Hair Removal establishment that shall remain nameless, here in Austin last year.. So, I was skeptical to say the least…
And after basically everything “coming back” if you catch my drift… I set out on my quest to find a laser that really worked!
After reading and researching the ‘Candela’ laser that Elements Laser Spa offered, and testimonies from actual people I knew on Yelp.. I made an appointment! The latest technology and most effective..
Sounded legit, and I felt more comfortable being I had discussed with friends their actual experiences!

I was excited but a little nervous about the pain factor but felt super calm.. I felt I partially knew what to expect.. Here’s a click-a-pic that captures the mood nicely..

“This is really happening”

My appointment-
So after a lovely Q&A sesh..
Hair color/effectiveness? Darker the better!
Tanning? No tanning 7 days before or 7 after
Shaving post laser treatment? Wait 1 week then shave as you normally would.
What will I look like after the treatment? A little red, maybe blistered.
How many sessions? Depends, usually 6-8
How long in between appointments? 6 weeks is ideal.

Then, we got started.. And as most know there’s a wide variety of routes you can go here.. Depending on your personal preference shall we say.. Ill spare my personal details.. But I was expecting some serious pain. But I was pleasantly surprised… The warm pop of the laser is simultaneously paired with a cold shot of air. And unlike waxing the pain is less than a second instead of the lingering throb waxing seems to give ya. It’s a rather quick process only taking about 10 minutes.. Throw a little aloe on post treatment and you’re ready to go!
I’ve done my bikini and plan on doing my under arms.. I’ve had three treatments.. And couldn’t be happier! It’s a significant change after each session. I’m def addicted and want to do everything!

So lets go over the prep-
Shave the day of your appointment, the shorter the hair the more the laser will absorb in the actual folical root. From what I understand..
Take a few Advil 🙂
And sit back and it’s the show begin..
I had my doc call in a numbing gel at the pharmacy but I’m glad I didn’t use it!! Here’s why, stats show women who do use that gunk have to have more sessions.. Probably interrupts the laser? I’m all about results and cost effectiveness! So grit your teeth and pay the price for beauty. 🙂

My tech, Nicole is uber cool. Easy to converse with (even when half nakey) she puts you right at ease.
My last sesh, I was returning emails the entire appointment. It truly is so simple.
The actual spa is nice, cutely decorated, clean, didn’t feel sketch at all.. Nor did it feel stuffy or pretentious.

It’s a little pricey.. But not too much more than waxing once you compare..
Elements always runs some sort of special.. And there’s no tipping after each session like at a lot of other places.
For my “Hollywood” and under arms it will end up about $1300 ball park..
You can pay per session or for packages which are a little reduced as expected..
But over all.. To be about mid way through I’m so happy! It really is working! But I def will be updating as I go.. I want long term results so I hope that’s what I get!


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