Sensation Organization

For all who know me, I travel pretty often.. And am always looking for new ways to pack and be organized while staying stylish!
My latest find was a set of Sonia Kashik travel cosmetic bag set. (Found at Target)
Here’s the set I purchased!

I got the three sizes offered.. Small, sh-medium, and a big boy.
I believe I can successful pack toiletries in one, makeup in one, and meds/supplements in the third.
They’re made really well, and have some smart little details inside.

This is the makeup bag I chose, and it’s got this nice plastic flap to shield your brushes from being damaged. Smart!
I always appreciate smart interiors of bags and purses because they truly make all the difference.
All of these bags were 25% off at my Target… Plus the 5% off I got off for using my target debit card (which I highly recommend getting if you’re a frequent shopper like myself).
Each bag retails around $16.00-25.00 each.. So I got a pretty good deal. Plus I always like having a matching set of anything!

And while speaking of sales at Target… I saw this brush set half off that I got for Christmas by Sonia Kashik.. I adore these brushes ps!

All reviews on her brushes are fantastic! They’re really high quality.. Feel good, hold up well when washing, wide variety.. My only complaint would be the gold detailing on the handles wore off in a hurry! If you care about that sort of thing.


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