Insomnia NO MORE.

It’s been some time since my last night time routine blog post.. I’ve been really mixing things up trying to make my sleep patterns optimal to recovery and growth.
Here’s what I have for you!

Get cozy!
Playing with temperature when it comes bed time has been tricky.. But it is proven sleeping with your room slightly chilly does aid in more restful nights.. 68 degrees is my magic number, as long as I wear socks. Low blood flow to extremities can keep you up. Socks are also beneficial for circulation/recovery.. BONUS.

Trying to be more disciplined about TURNING OUT THE LIGHTS one hour prior to bed time, no iPhone, no iPad, no tv… Yeaaa been harder than I imagined, especially because I’m a night owl.. But it’s beneficial because you can confuse your circadian clock with all the electronic lighting causing insomnia…

5 mg of melatonin seems to do the trick on evenings I’ve worked out later than usual. Natural, non-addicting, can be found at any local drug store!

Also, taking vitamin C in PM hours can help lower cortisol levels (stress hormone). And will help boost your immune system, BONUS.

For all you iPhone users with iOS 6 or higher there’s a new feature that sure does make waking up more pleasant than dogs barking or ducks quacking..

Go to your alarms, edit, then hit sounds, then hit “add song”. You can pick any song from your iTunes library to wake up to.
So on early workout mornings I usually pick Fergie or Cher! Hehe

And speaking of iPhone specialties.. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my newest obsession… Twitter!My new sleep apps leading you into “sleep hypnosis” or a “sleep trance”.

I’ve tried a ton, here are the ones I use most..
So I’ve always been a fan of “nature sounds” that lull you to sleep but I’ve found something even better if you’re an over thinker/worrier come bed time..
The “Sleep/Relax App” and “Relax App” (both on the bottom row of pic above, and both are free in App Store) are the ones that will lead you into hypnosis. It begins as you’d imagine, a man speaking softly with soft music playing in the background.. Both segments are about 30 mins. Headphones are ideal, which is a benefit if you live with roommates, noisy neighbors, or have an unusual sleep schedule, etc.. There hasn’t been a time these haven’t worked.. So I’m a firm believer.. But they guide you in sequence breathing, relaxing your whole body, and being as comfortable as possible.. It’s really pretty cool. I look forward to it every night.. I sleep so well!!!! And non-medicated at that! Lol
Beware, I have been dreaming crazyyyyyy! Which I read is a quite common complaint in all the reviews of these apps. But if you’re like me, ill try anything for a full nights rest!
I recently took a 6 hour flight and used one of these apps. Slept the whole way and when we were descending and I took my head phones out.. My neighbor sitting in the seat next to me was like, “I cannot believe you slept through all that turbulence!”
I said “sleep app man, will change your life”… So I pulled out my phone and showed him! Lol
Sweet dreams!


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