Flower Makeup by Drew Barrymore

After reading this article in February 4th’s US weekly I was excited to set out and try Drew’s line that is exclusively at Walmart. I gave myself a $50.00 budget to buy a few things that looked appealing…

Eek.. I bought two nail polishes as well, that aren’t pictured. Forgive me.
All items are $14.00 or less.. Her colors are all lovely and very girly. As you can see the packaging is verrrry similar to CoverGirl™ makeup, which I believe Drew was a spokes woman for, for quite some time…? Hmm.. Interesting.
So with gloss, lipstick, mascara, nail polishes and a liquid liner in hand.. I started playing.
Shine on lipgloss in LG6 is a coral color, not impressed with staying power either… And I also think its way lame to not “name” your colors.. Letters and numbers aren’t memorable.. Half the fun of buy OPI polishes is finding a fun name that matches your mood! Sooo I give a thumbs down.
My lip stick in LS7 was a little better..

Was trying to shoot it in natural light LOL anyway it’s pretty orange-sicle ORANGE! It’s matte and opaque. Maybe on the lake? I don’t know how I could work this into my rotation but def NOT a proper work time look.. (Which I scrubbed off after this photo).

The brown liquid liner I got has an amazing tip. Looks so fun for wingys. But again a little let down was watery and not dark with my first swipe.

And smelled a little like vinegar to me? Odd I know!
The mascara I liked.. I got the volumizing black, brush was good, formula not too wet not too thick.

And I the two nail polishes, let me just say don’t waste your money. I don’t want to be too pessimistic but don’t bother!

Pros: freaking love Drew! I wanted to love her line just as much! All her cosmetics are made in the US! Props!
Nothing is tested on animals, another bonus. All her packaging is stream lined and cute! And a pretty unique color pallet, feels a little LA forward/ bohemian chic.. And! Who can beat all items under $14 buckaroos!

Cons: her formulas need work! Staying power and pigment. I def prob will try some more products but my first run wasn’t all that thrilling. Also, the amount of parabens in her formulas are shocking! Beware!

Hope this helps guide where to spend your beauty bucks ladies!


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