You Manage What You Measure


I’m a firm believer in this concept in life but especially in fitness and fitness goals.

Humans by nature are most successful when tracking progress. To see how far you’ve come. Data progression, weight decrease, checklists, etc… All equal a sense of accomplishment.

I’m an avid list maker..
This is simply what’s on my desk at the current moment…


To do’s, reading lists, current workouts, daily resolution check list for the new year, and a calendar of workouts.
I enjoy marking off things as I complete them. Writing down the progression I’ve made in the gym with current workouts.
Then what’s great is looking back on the results from months past.
So I challenge you to take a current goal and manage it!
-weight loss (daily or weekly)
-calories in, calories out
-writing your workouts out on a calendar and marking them off as completed.
-a budget (try keeping all receipts for one month)
Ideas are endless!!!
Tis the new year, no better time to start new habits! Feeling organized and goal driven will do wonders for your happiness and motivation!


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