Ultimate Body Applicator

This is a little bit different than my average post but I wanted to try this new product and give reviews ASAP!

This is on a new product line that promotes a flatter stomach. The “Ultimate Body Applicator” by It Works, Inc.
In this post I’ve tried one of the single application wraps.

The instructions state: apply to a clean skin surface, place lotion side down to skin, smoothing and ensuring good contact with skin, secure with plastic wrap or tight fitting clothing, wear for a minimum of 45 mins.

So here’s my before photo:


Time to contour!! 🙂 Lets open the wrap!

The wrap comes in an envelope like this.

It’s folded all up when you take it out. You can smell a minty herbal smell almost immediately. Took me a minute the figure out the size/pattern of the actual wrap. Uhhh where do I put it? Which side is up? Lol

Wait!! I think it’s upside down???? Is this right?

Oh ok this is right, ok now that it fits and is in place, I chose the cling wrap route. #classy! I pray the FedEx man doesn’t ring the bell in the next 45 mins.

Ok ok.. All secure and may I just say I feel like a goober! Hope this works lol
Once it’s on and I settle in, it feels very tingly but not uncomfortable. It’s refreshing almost like an icy hot or bio freeze feeling. I take note of my watch and wait for 45 mins.
Ok ok here’s the moment of truth

No judging POST HOLIDAY LBs!!
The top row is before and the bottom is after. A slight difference yes, especially in my lower abdominal region. I only waited 50 mins and massaged the remaining lotion in once I took the applicator off. I imagine with regular use and using the contour cream with these wraps could really help… Especially post pregnancy or post extreme weight loss. It was fun to try but I stand firm on abs are made in the kitchen!!

So get after it and remember to attack problems from all angles , don’t rely on quick fixes only, yes they may aid you along.. But only hard work pays off in the end!!!


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