Beloved Birch Box

I didn’t realize how much I mention “birch box” until recently. It’s one of the best kept secrets that’s slowly being leaked!
Ok girls, fasten your seat belts– here is the best news you’ve had all day!
Birch Box is a monthly beauty box subscription. You only pay $10 smack-aroos for!!! When signing up you feel out a brief beauty profile.. Your skin type, junk you like, scents you prefer, colors you gravitate towards yadda yadda, you get the idea. Then once a month a lil gem arrives on your doorstep in most often a hot pink box! I’m always so giddy to open mine! If I’m good, I’ve waited and haven’t peeked on YouTube to see what’s coming for the month. Lots of beauty gurus like to report their loot as soon as they get their box so the rest of us can be envious and hope we get the same stash!
This months box was uber cute, I just had to share! I’ve been wanting to do this post forever! Lets begin!
So here’s what December 2012 box looked like–

Once you open it and peel back the tissue paper (every month the tissue is a different color, sigh, adorbs!) you will find a post card showing you the months theme of the box on one side, and on the other will be a list of the products you received.

Now, not to be misleading… most products are travel/sample size.. Not always but most of the time. Try it out if you love it you can purchase the full size on their site.

This months was a pretty good box!

As you can see, some good stuff! And score! A full sized lip gloss by ModelCo, huge in Australia apparently and now lucky me, I get to try! How fun!

It’s neat to try new products! I’ve found some products that I now consider to be staples.. Such as EyeCo, It Cosmetics, The Balm and I have purchased full sized perfumes after trying ones in my box I truly enjoyed but would of never picked up in the department store.
And birch box this year introduced the BIRCHBOX MAN for that special beau in your life!! Gift ideas.. Not a bad idea eh?
Here was another box I had gotten a couple months ago… Just so you can see how they vary.

It’s fun! Highly recommend! 10 bucks for a lil present for yourself each month, you deserve it! Join today! Can cancel at anytime!
I’ve tried other beauty boxes and to be polite I won’t mention which ones but ill say this BB is the best. Don’t waste your money else where.
And another thing! I forgot to mention how much I love the actual box they send everything in. I save them and use them for all sorts of things, to put stationery in, my extensions when traveling, to send a lil gift in the mail… They really come in handy!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy beauty-ing!


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