BellaMi Extension Tune Up

Recently I had a lil hiccup with my new BellaMi Natural Hair extensions, which I learned is quite common.. But before I begin about that… Let me begin my extension story– πŸ™‚
I did a ton of research before purchasing my new locks.. So I got them about two months ago. I’ve learned how to properly care, wash, condition, style, store, them like a pro.
I wear them typically 1-3x a week, wash them about every 6th wear or so.. Style in buns, ponys, all down, half up, curled, wavy, straight. I couldn’t be happier with them!
Until I noticed on my two large wefts, the clip was coming apart from the actual hair, therefore the extension is liable to fall OUT OF MY HAIR.. Talk about mortifying nightmare.. My biggest fear about clip in extensions.
Apparently this is a common occurrence and I’ve decided to show YOU exactly how to repair your strands and back out to be a diva in no time! It’s soooo SIMPLE and EASY.

First this is what the clip looks like normally and upon arrival.

They’re really nice quality no slip clips, they don’t hurt or damage your actual hair. They’re sewn on the weft of hair with a durable thread but its to be expected to come loose or undone after time due to the tugging of brushing/ styling etc..
Like this one–

So I gathered my supplies to repair my wefts… Thread, needle, sheers. (Pick a thread that will match your extensions)

To begin thread your needle and knot it well at the end. You’ll do a simple “whip stich” thru the hole of the metal clip, thru the actual weft then back thru the hole of the clip. I whipped my thread thru six times then knotted the thread tightly. I did this on both ends of the clip where there is a hole to guide you where to start.. and in the middle of the clip as well. So, each clip is secured in three places. I made them super secure so hopefully I won’t have to do it again.

Study a clip that isn’t loose first to guide you.
I’ve worn my extensions twice since fixing them and haven’t had a problem.
You can prolong the life of you extensions by making sure you always style, brush, and wash them gently. Also always be sure to store them properly.
BellaMi extensions arrive in a bag like this…

This would be fine to keep them in while not wearing or traveling..
I chose a bag like this that’s a little more stylish.. πŸ™‚

Hope this helps! Check them out! You won’t be disappointed!!
BellaMi Hair Extensions
Wearing with confidence now!



4 thoughts on “BellaMi Extension Tune Up

  1. I am strongly looking into purchasing extensions from this site based on your suggestions and how amazing they look on you! Trying to decide what is the best color to get, any suggestions?

  2. Love your packaging ideas! I agree with the commenter above, I am also planning on purchasing these b/c of you and also have am trying to decide between which color…

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