Chub-Free Pancake!

No hiding it.. *embarrassed face
Sweets are my weakness.. My idea of heaven is coffee and pastries. But, I refrain to keep my waist, duh!

Here is a yummy recipe to help with a beloved treat, PANCAKES, while dieting!

Open face Cinna-bun:
You’ll need–
3 egg whites
Nilla protein
Greek yogurt
And a splash of almond or rice milk

It’s as close to a Cinnabon cinna-bun you’re gonna get! Hehe

Mix your whites, 1 scoop protein, dash of cinnamon, and a 1/4 cup milk in a bowl and whisk together.
This is your pancake batter.
Pour in a medium heated non stick pan and cover. No need to flip, it’ll cook through in about 8-10 mins.
Should look something like this–


Now make your “frosting”.
1/2 cup Greek Yo
1/2 scoop nilla protein
Dash of cinnamon
And Splenda is optional (depending your stance on sweeteners)
Mix together and slather on your cake.
(I like to let my pancake cool so it doesn’t melt/ make the g-yo runny)

Presto! Super filling! I can never finish.

I’ve been using Dymatize’s vanilla and chocolate for a few months and really like it! It’s reasonably priced and yummy!


And I add good ole cinnamon to everything it seems! So many good properties, speeds metabolism, anti-inflammatory, etc.. Yadda yadda


I have made protein pancakes for years with all sorts of protein. BSN has amazing flavors in the ‘Dessert Protein”. Like banana nut, chocolate coconut.. You can add nuts or bananas or oats for post workout. Possibilities are endless! The pancakes are awesome for on the go/ traveling low carb snack. I’ve been known to throw them in my bag and through security check they go at the airport. Or simply if you need a sweet treat, paired with applesauce, almond butter, sugar free syrup.
All is bueno!!!


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