Shhh! A Secret Skin Beauty Tip!

I have given this regimen a thorough run through before posting. And boy! Has it changed my skin!
I found this particular skin routine about 2 months ago… I’m just always warding off uneven texture of my face. Annnnd I’m typically guilty of trying too many new things at once never knowing what’s working for my skin or not.. But one component seemed to be working very well.
But before I go on I must forewarn you… This isn’t exactly meant for your face but, it works!
AHA- alpha hydroxy acid lotion typically meant for dry skin… The acid gently melts or sheds away, if you will, the top layer of epidermis.. Thus– always giving you a fresh glowing skin texture. You know how you look after a hot shower or 20 mins in the sauna.. Thats how you appear!
This lotion can be found at any local drugstore and some groceries from what I’ve found.. It’s called… DRUM ROLL…. Amlactin!

AHA is one of the main ingredients in this lotion.
Starting out… for about the first week you may feel a burning sensation. Hang tough because you’ll get used to it.. The burning will stop after a few uses. I found also the tingling, burning feeling is intensified if you use a clarisonic or heavy exfoliator.. Since you are shedding that top layer be sure to use adequate SPF at all times! Your skin will be more sensitive than usual to sun and wind.
Best results are when used at night time. I’ve used before applying makeup and its fine just takes a little time to absorb into the skin.

My current routine:
I cleanse my face with good ol Cethaphil, then tone with a Oxy Clean pad, then cotton ball with Witch Hazel, then I apply my Amlactin.. Then an anti-wrinkle cream of choice which seems like every night is different at the moment. I’m indecisive, and like variety? Lol
I have told my friends and family to try this for at least two weeks to see what they think.. And have received only awesome feedback as well as, personally LOVING it! My mom’s skin was so different looking, she just looked healthier and had smoother texture.

Don’t use the ‘Amlactin Ultra Healing’ on your face you will not have the same results.. But I do suggest it for winter time for feet, heels, elbows, etc.. For super dry skin, it does wonders.
The regular Amlactin (pictured above) is a little pricey.. $16-19.00
But not to fear girls! If you register your email address with Amlactin on their website Amlactin Website you will receive a $6.00 off coupon.
Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Shhh! A Secret Skin Beauty Tip!

  1. I have been using this regularly based on your advice and I agree it has really helped my skin! I have become an Amlactin believer! Thanks Fit Chick!

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