Prepared for Miles High!

Long haul flights simply take preparation to be comfortable..
Here is my stash I’ve perfected over time.

Rule 1: Hydration
Skin… Hands, face, lips, eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs.
I bring a few products to help:

Always a body lotion that doesn’t have an offensive smell.. Usually chose a baby lotion. And sometimes if I have room ill throw in a hand lotion (typically a little more hydrating than regular lotion).
Eye lubrication drops. H20 face mist ill spray on top of makeup or no makeup every hour or so. I used to feel funny about what my neighbor might think but now I own it! And of course a simple Chapstick. Plus water!!! Bring your own bottle or buy a large one before boarding.

Rule 2: Comforts of home
By trade I’m an over packer.. But I feel all these items are absolutely necessary.

Goober neck pillow, check. Classy eye cover, check. I always pack or wear a scarf if I get chilly. Vitamins! Woof, excess germs. And wetwipes to wipe down armrests, tray, etc.. iPad, always upload work, books, games, movies for the trip. Socks just if I’m wearing flip flops or get chilly. And Aveno has a great anti-fatigue eye roller ball that soothes your under eye area with a cooling hydration.

Rule 3: Freshen
It’s been a long flight, lets touch up.

Most are self explanatory but I always touch up my deodorant, dab a lil cuticle oil on my fingers, spritz a perfume on, a powder my nose. Be warned though, never brush your teeth on the plane using water from the sink, bacteria count is supposed to be ridiculous.
You can do all these things off the plane before you grab your luggage or on the plane. I prefer to do most on the plane to eat as much time up as possible.

I throw all this junk in this reusable clear bag instead of a very classy ziplock that most seem to use 😉


Never forget to pack:
Skull candies or ear buds of choice
Reuseable shaker or water bottle
Bcaa’s as well as healthy snacks
Hand sanitizer

“This looks interesting”

“Yeap, another flight”
Hehe I love being silly!

Hope this helps you pack for your next trip!
Safe travels!


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