“Milk waaaas a BAD choice..”

I noticed a conflict while I was working on my latest project… Aka my tushy. My diet truly was pretty in check. And for all who know me, my weakness in life is SWEETS… My go-to sweety while dieting hard was a lil concoction of-
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1 scoop chocolate whey
Dash of cinnamon
2 tbsp of sunflower seeds
Half a packet of Splenda
And a splash of almond milk
Mix together and devour!
I call it, G-YO!
It’s like chocolate froyo with a bit of texture from the seeds, I pretend they’re rainbow sprinkles. Hehe
I love this treat but I found myself eating it twice a day some days but always at least once?
And prior to discovering this treat 6-7 weeks ago, I hadn’t really been having dairy that often, besides my splash in my coffee every morning..
I realized in these recent weeks my skin was going bananas! Like gross! Under the skin hormonal bumps/ clogged pores on my cheeks and chin. No topical anything was working!!! I spent a mini fortune on new masks, Dermatologica adult acne kit, a facial, rx creams, whole nine yards. I was a pizza face! Till it was brought to my attention… It was the flipping dairy!! WHY?!?!? My beloved treat had turned on me. So rude! So, I’ve now throttled back to twice a week on g-yo treats. I miss it but this has forced me to get creative in the kitchen.
Anyway, point is… Sometimes it’s what’s your putting in, not topical that can effect your skin. I recommend 2-4 weeks dairy free if you’re struggling with any epidermis issues! I’m glad to say I cleared up in 2-3 weeks! Thank goodness.

I’m in the midst of controversial research to why this happens from dairy.. The hormones in cows milk? Becoming lactose sensitive after being paleo? Drastic change in diet?
I’ve read it’s more prone in teens to have this outcome.. But nothing totally rock solid, ill def report back with my findings!


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