Lovable Vaseline

I’ve grown up only knowing Vaseline as a staple.. My mom uses it for all things beauty related.. It’s how I learned to take mascara off, dry elbows and heels, chapped lips. There were always copious amounts of “petroleum jelly” in our household. LOL
But as an adult trying many many different makeup removers I always find myself coming back to Vaseline.

It’s gentle, doesn’t bleed onto my contacts.. Which yes I sleep in, amen for 30 day and night contacts! It conditions my eye lashes, they’re never brittle or broken.
There are so many uses for it.. Ill put it on my cuticles, split ends, comb the slightest amount onto eyebrows to ensure they stay in place, put it around your nails before painting– ensures no messy color changes, rub a lil powder blush and Vaseline together to make your own cream blush, take a dab while putting lotion on your legs– adds the best hint of shine..
Possibilities are endless. And my love grew even more so when I found..

Cocoa butter smells heavenly! I’m usually not a cocoa butter scent fan but it smells more vanilla-y to me than anything. It’s truly made me more in love. I look forward to it every night. Just smells so sweet and girly.
I appreciate you Vaseline!


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