New recipe! PROTEIN

It’s going to sound odd but I found a new fav!!
I’ve been boiling eggs like crazy lately!
Trying to get lean once again in short time span. It’s been nice having a goal of 6 weeks after a couple of fun summer partying months… Drinking, eating, traveling… Have caught up.
So I recently was dabbling and found this quick yummy sweet treat.
Boiled egg whites stuffed with peanut butter or almond with cinnamon, honey or Splenda (depending on your stance with natural sugar vs artificial sweeteners) and sometimes I add raisins or slivered almonds simply for texture.

Sounds weird right???! It’s so good. I have such a sweet tooth and this has been doing the trick! Just try!! See what you think!


2 thoughts on “New recipe! PROTEIN

  1. Are you concerned at all about the high fat/calorie content of the peanut butter? And if not, why not just eat the yolks, which has similar fat, but higher protein?

    • CV- I’m not concerned about the fat content no. I monitor my intake and aim for about 30g of natural fats daily. This recipe was more about taste and substituting something I’d really enjoy but not feel guilty about. I eat so many boil eggs in a week I had to spice it up somehow! Hope this answers your question.

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