What’s in my center console?

We’ve all heard of “What’s in my bag/purse?” blog and vlog posts.. I decided to put a little spin on it and post what’s in my center console. LOL
I pretty much live in my car it seems. And I take pride in always being prepared for any situation. Hate being without!
So here we go, I basically divided everything into two photos..

Altoids- duh to stay minty fresh

Can of spray good shiz for my car

Phenorex- thermo

Paraben free SPF 30! I try and put it on my hands if I know I’ll be driving for an extended amount of time

Burt’s bees face wipes for after gym or cardio

Kleenex, More perfume
Gum- curbs appetite when I’m neeeeding something sweet

An extra pair of hanky panky panties- hey, a girl never knows!!!

Lotion from Victoria secret I’m not wild about but it’s there if I have to use it

BB Hand sanitizer spray

Stim force- more stimulants. I told you I was a junky!

Alcohol wipes

A lil notepad- I love leaving lil notes 🙂

Bare minerals mascara, Splenda, Stamps, Pencil.

And theeeen….

A plethora of lip glosses/stick


A comb/teaser

PROTEIN- for when I’m in a pinch

Ahem tampon *embarrassed face
As well as, “freshening wipes”.. don’t act like you always smell rosey fresh! I’m trying here! Lol

Qtips- always work for emergency makeup fixes

Hairspray- gotta have that hair did
And a rando nail polish?

How all this crapola fits I’ll never know but I’m confident I’m ready for any situation!
You should see my bag! Lol Its a way more detailed complete package, like a female survival kit. But that’s for another day.
So if you neeeed anything, like a kitchen sink, a full make over, girl products, fat burners? I got ya covered!
Here’s to.. Being prepared!


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