New Foundation LOVE

So I’m sure we’ve all seen the craze of “colorstay” products from Revlon. I’ve fallen in love with the Colorstay nail polishes, eyeliner, and eye shadows. I did buy a concealer this spring in the stick form I wasn’t thrilled about at all. Its the lipstick looking one you twist up. Not good coverage or wearability for me personally.
But more times than not I’ve been pleased and impressed with Revlon!
Foundation is usually reserved for night time wear for me personally. For years now I typically just buff a little bare minerals on and out I go for day time makeup…
But I will say I’m very intrigued by foundation and the flawless finish you can achieve. I guess I was always in fear of not matching the right color to my skin tone and having that “line” you see so often where your actual skin tone meets the harsh color line of the wrong shade of foundation. And bare minerals is dummy proof! And no one can reallllly see many flaws of foundation at night… Anyway, this year I’ve gotten over my fears and have been trying foundations and bb creams left and right! And I’ve found my holy grail! I wear night time or day time with confidence! I had to review and share the news!
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation
And as all Colorstay products claim-
24 hour wear
And it does wear all day with minimal touch ups.
You can see, I’m color 250 Medium Beige.
As I read and heard on YouTube, it’s uber hard to match your shade due to the thick glass pot packaging. I peeked at an open one at the drug store and lucked out. It was my perfect shade. But just try and look at the bottom of the jar and match it with the backside of your hand. I had picked this jar up numerous times in the past month while perusing the drug store and always put it back for this reason. Just remember keep your receipt worse case scenario, can always return!
This week at cvs all Revlon Face and Blush was on sale for a flat $10 Annnnd I had found on a beauty blog a 2.00 off coupon on Colorstay products. (The whipped usually retails around $14.99.) Let’s just say I stocked up and won’t be needing foundation for awhile, a looong while. Hehe
I apply a dab on each cheek and forehead then buff in with a kabuki.
It’s a flawless finish every time. The foundation it self spreads like a primer. That’s the best way to describe it. Not liquidy but creamy but buffs out so easily. I don’t achieve the same finish when using a sponge or fingers, has to be buffed in for optimal results I’ve decided.
Photo freight squashed
No lines here! Proof:
While typing away at work I clicked-a-pic!

Pardon my shimmer blush, I’m not oily I’m glowing! Haha! Doesnt photograph too well but you get the point!
Girls you MUST try!!! I’m so in love!
Happy makeup-ing! Xo


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