Nails!!! Obsessed.

Ok ok
Pardon me for the lag time between posts eeeek.
Anyway, moving right along.. NAILS!
All my girl friends know I’m obsessed with changing my color OFTEN.
Yea yea shellac, gel, whatevs so 3 years ago ladies lol
I need variety! And my nails must be painted or I’m liable to chew them off!
So I found this interesting technique on Pinterest. #love!
To begin: pick a fav nude or light pink
I chose Essie’s Sand Topez
Grab a NEW sharpie and a top coat of choice

Give yourself a quick mani, buff, shape, tend to cuticles, oil, hand lotion, wash and begin-

Paint 2-3 coats of nude and allow to dry thoroughly.


Then with your sharpie create a pattern you like and run with it.
Hit with a top coat and rock something different!!!
Here’s my finished product!





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