Anyone who knows me knows I’m a stimulant whore. Pardon my French… But it’s true.
I bow down to my Keurig every morning, and often state it’s changed my life. I even got a life time supply of kcups from a boyfriend once. Uh best gift ever!
I also frequent Starbucks more than I’d like to admit!


But as far as thermos go, I do often recommend them to clients when they’re trying to lose weight. It’s important to cycle thermos though. You have to be careful. I know I self induced some adrenal fatigue after taking them for too long. Now AF isn’t truly recognized in the medical community but believe me, it’s a real thing. Follow directions because chronic fatigue is more detrimental than 2-3 lbs shed quickly.
I’ve recently taken 4 months off all stimulants and just started back on about 4 weeks ago on this one… For bikini season and all..

This was suggested to me by a friend about a year ago. First week on did feel a lil shaky but now, feel great, no trouble sleeping, do feel heighten focus. Do not exceed 1 cap a day.

I’ve tried a ton!
My favs are:
OxyElite Pro by: USPLabs
Lean Body for her by: Gaspari
Black Mamba by: Innovative Labs

Truly are to be used with caution but can help when dieting/ trying to lose!
Cheers to lean!


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