Exciting News! Nominated for a Liebster Blog Award!

Liebster Blog Award Nominee!
How this works is I have to post 11 things about myself, answer 11 questions, and then write 11 new questions for the 11 nominees I nominate for the same award. Around and round we go!

Let’s begin!

11 Things About Me:
1. My nickname is “MiMi”, my nephews, family and close friends all refer to me this because when I was little I couldn’t say “Emily”
2. I’ve never liked cartoons, not even as a small child
3. I love anything with my monogram on it!
4. I’m mildly obsessed with oral hygiene
5. Anything with marshmallows and chocolate I’m guaranteed to love
6. I’ve run 4 marathons
7. Can’t leave the house without a watch on
8. I love to collage and paint
9. Secretly I think I should of been a marine biologist. I’m fascinated by whales, manatees and the sea
10. Never get sick of episodes of Seinfeld or Fraiser
11. I live for pastries and coffee in the morning on cheat days

11 questions:

1. Chocolate or icecream?
Chocolate, 72% dark in fact 🙂
2. Favorite TV show?
Right now, Nurse Jackie or HWONJ
3. Favorite accessory?
My black and gold M Kors watch. Sporty but elegant, love!
4. Strong lip or power eyes?
5. Beach or pool?
6. Do you or have you colored your hair? If so, what color?
Yes, many of time. Blond to black I’ve done it all but I prefer natural browns at the moment
7. Have you ever had braces?
Yes! Numerous times.
8. Gstring or full brief?
9. Fake tan, natural tan, or no tan?
Bake me in the sun and lather me in sunless tanner. The tanner the better!
10. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
11. Celebrity crush?
Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!

11 Questions for you

1. Last time you bought new shoes?
2. Favorite lip product?
3. What happens when you go to sleep with your hair wet?
4. Ever feel guilty about makeup purchases? If yes, why?
5. Summer or winter?
6. Last time you got really dressed up?
7. Dog or cats?
8. Yay or nay for plastic surgery?
9. How often do you blog?
10. Saving for a big purchase, if so, what?
11. Favorite perfume?

11 Bloggers I nominate

1. Beauty Broadcast
2. Nouveau Cheap
3. Makeup Geek
4. No Nonsense Beauty
5. Makeup Morsels
6. Sparkle girls life
7. A Lady Always Does
8. Lovely Beauty Shop
9. Andrea’s Choice
10. Take Flight Beauty
11. Chic Beauty Blog

Thank you again and happy blogging!


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