Paraben 411

Most people aren’t familiar with what parabens are… But most should know they are found in most everything in your cosmetic cabinet… Lotions, perfume, personal lubricants, hair spray, shave gel, facial cleaners, list goes on and on! Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.. They preserve shelf life and fight bacteria/fungus. Lovely eh?!
Controversy is growing due to more and more breast cancer tumor scares.. There are studies that support and discredit these claims.. Nothing truly has been proven I’ve found from my research but! I’m not about to take that gamble. Point is that this sh*t isn’t natural.
Parabens also mimic estrogen.. Sending a lot of young girls into early puberty, which is a little frightening.
I found an awesome website where you can search your favorite products and look for Paraben free cosmetics, etc.
Going natural isn’t always easy BUT you can if you simply become a little more aware and pick up a label and do a little reading! I mentioned in an earlier post all Burt’s Bees products are paraben-free as well as, awesome!!! 😀


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