Glimpse of my Paleo Journey

So I decided Jan 1, 2012 I’d start full throttle and go Paleo! After researching and much criticism I thought hey I’ll try for at least 3 months. And truly was pretty diligent.. I’d say for 5-6 months I was 85% paleo 15% vodka soda lol
I was good about progress pics in the beginning. Here is week 2 compared to week 7.

Remember this was right after the holidays, NO JUDGING!
Obviously the top is before and below is my after. I definitely was leaning up rather quickly.
I suggest all newbies to read Rob Wolf’s book Paleo Solution. Bare bones of primal way of eating, getting back how humans really should be eating, the way we were designed to. I dove into the paleo world head first. Recipes, podcasts, cookbooks, implementing into my nutrition clients diets, introducing it to my sister who is diabetic (did wonders!), anyone who’d listen, I’d tell!
Recognizing how my body responded to more natural fats and basically no carbs, how sensitive I realized I was to gluten, my skin cleared, saw muscle striations in places I never had before. It was just so awesome something new was really working. And not to mention the cult following paleo/crossfit has was astonishing. I connected with so many like people on twitter. Met a slew of others at the Paleo Summit in Austin, Tx in March. Took away so much from the experience. I eventually plained out and decided to incorporate a little more grain back into my diet but I’m definitely more paleo than not. I get so fired up talking about it and would love to share all my resources and knowledge with anyone who would like to listen! Changed my life and diet forever.
Totally worth a shot!! And I think everyone should try it for some length of time.


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