Minimus Shoe Craze

Soooo I’ve definitely co-signed on the whole “minimus shoe” craze. Now don’t go worrying, I don’t have five fingers or anything.. Well, not yet anyway!
I started dabbling minimal cross trainers September of last year and really haven’t looked back.. They mimic barefoot training allowing you to focus on your gait and weight distribution.
These are my favs…

The New Balance Minimus 20V1 Cross Trainers (black on black)
I’m guilty of buying this model in particular in numerous colors. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with kicks.. But I’m trying to minimize my collection.. No pun intended hehe
Look I recently tossed allllll these-

Did good huh?
Back to the point… These cross trainers are great for load baring leg work, low mileage running/ walking. I’m a former marathon runner and I wouldn’t dare go further than 5 miles in these. Easing into the whole heel to toe zero drop, these are great for making the switch gradually.. They have a 4mm drop. That’s two thirds less than most traditional running shoes. Be forewarned, you will be sore first few times when making the transition into “minimal shoes”.
I love how light they are (6.3 oz)
I used to subtract a couple pounds when stepping on the scale with tennies, yeaaaa not anymore.
They claim to be good to wear with or without socks and odor resistant. I don’t take chances and always wear socks and add powder from time to time. *Embarrassed face
I’ve looked into Innov8’s, Vibrams, New Balance Trail Vibrams. They def all intrigue me but why fix something that isn’t broken. New balance just came out with a new improved series of this particular minimus I have that I’d like to try too. Im not wild about the color schemes, not to be a diva but I think ill wait. There’s always so many new lines and options when it comes to running/ cross training shoes. A little overwhelming but I really do like my New Balances, and will continue buying this series.

I even saw these recently coming out in 2013 for men…

These are the Vibram Five Finger Capri
Dressy but yet functional?
Verrrry interesting! I have a feeling we will be seeing these on men in downtown Austin in no time!
So try the latest trend and join Team Minimus! Truly have changed my leg work circuits.


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