The Buzz on Burt’s Bees

So after evaluating my cosmetic cabinet I’ve come to realize how much I’ve been digging Burt’s Bees Products!
Annnnd a new found line by them I’ve heard through the grapevine is being discontinued?! I’m heart broken.
I found recently (by suggestion of my sister) the Acne Solutions line by BB which is now no longer?

Pic courtesy of nursecrump
This is the three piece kit. It can be found at Target, Ulta, BB’s website and I believe Walmart? My ulta was sold out, my cvs was sold out, then was sold out!! Thus set in my panic.
This kit is around 30.00. It’s the best bang for your buck no doubt!!
I bought separately, out of desperation the moisturizer and paid 17.99 at CVS

Didn’t mind but if you can find the kit it’s a way better deal. The line is paraben free! Which I need to do a more in depth post on how I feel about that but anyway! Paraben free products are hard to come by! And not only do I like natural organic products but this one ACTUALLY WORKS!! And doesn’t smell like I’m some patulli granola hippie when I put it on (which some natural lines smell like in my opinion).
Bottom line, I’m in love with this line and have been buying it where I can find it in fear it will soon be no longer.
The next BB product I like is..

BB facial cleansing towelettes
Been buying these for my gym bag, will take off my makeup before or wipe my face and chest post workout.
Only thing I’ve found they make my lips TINGLE!!! Don’t know why! You’ve been forewarned!

I think I started using this powder after my first nephew was born because it was always around. It’s not as fragrant as baby powder. I like it for a dry shampoo substitute or usually I always put a tad into my tennies on the reg.
Girls gotta stay fresh! I’m not shy! Try it!
Lastly, I’ve bought this coconut foot cream numerous times. I like to put it on before I throw socks on. It’s creamy but not too greasy. Easily absorbed. And smells yummy!

Chew marks on this tube are courtesy of this lil turkey… My Coaly

To wrap up I’ve grown to love Burt’s Bees. I like their tinted chapsticks, shower gel (rosemary mint, love!), and hand salve, especially in the winter.
If you haven’t tried you must soon!!
Thanks for reading! And if anyone knows more about what exactly is being discontinued from the acne solution line please do tell!


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