BCAA and L-Glutamine Recovery

Protein Synthesis. Anabolic Status. Nitrogen Balance.
Confused? Let’s get to the bare bones!
I often have clients ask what they can do to promote recovery. Here are my tips with some of favorite products..

I’m a firm believer in taking L-glutamine and bcaa’s. Amino acids can aid in fat loss, quicker recovery time, muscle growth, and higher energy levels while training. Also while fasting or cleansing they will help maintain existing muscle mass.
The synergistic combination of bcaa’s and glutamine is one once you experience/ practice you’ll understand.
Evidence of cells repairing/ regenerating AND G.H. Why wouldn’t you want to try? More payoff for your already taxing workouts. Uh yah, sign me up!
Also, I’ve found personally after researching, glutamine helps suppress sweet and carb cravings… And if anyone knows me, my sweet tooth and I have a hate, hate relationship because it usually wins. But during training I’ve found an awesome substitute for my candy cravings. Betancourt’s Glutamine Chewies. They are small sweet tart looking chewies! You measure a serving with a small scoop provided. They taste pretttttty damn good and will curb the cravings.

And the other L-Gluatmine I like is…

MetRx’s is really fine powder. Easy to shake or blend into shakes. Been a go to for me for years.
The BCAA I’ve been using about a year now is BSN’s Amino X. Watermelon is my fav and fruit punch is purrrdy good too. They make numerous size “jars” or “pots” of the product which I like. The small one fits easily in my gym bag. And sometimes I even buy the sample packs.. Super easy! See below-

I will throw a pack in my shaker, add water, down half prior to my workout so I have some “on board” and sip the remaining throughout my work out. Seems to do the trick!
Bodybuilding.com usually is where I buy but so many local supplement shops will price match any online price so don’t be scared to ask! Supplements can be jacked up 70% in some cases. So price compare before you pull the trigger!!
Hope these tips help!


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