Protect Your Locks From UV Rays


Ok ok before I get a lecture about fake baking… Let it be known it was the first time in a looooong time. And I was pressured by the big sis.
Anyway, it got me thinking in my 10 minutes of frying in front of lights… I should make this known.. Not only am I aware of protecting my hair before a run, a lake day, or in this case.. Tanning bed.
There are a slew of new products on the market for this very thing. And I have now added this step to my routine. I keep a bottle in my beach bag and gym bag.
Two I like are…
On the affordable side- TreSemmé Climate Control Finishing Spray
$4-5 bucks
Can be found at Walgreens or Ulta
Smells nice, has wonderful reviews, it blocks from UV rays, humidity and mildly conditions without leaving you greasssssy.

Then I got a sample of this one in my Birchbox, which I enjoy more for sure.
It’s more expensive though. It also is for color treated hair, as well as, UV protection. I like how my hair feels after using Alterna, especially if I just have gone swimming. Spray all over, root to end. It is an amino acid leave-in conditioner which helps repair ends, etc.
Alterna Bamboo UV + Color Protection Fade Proof Fluid
About $24.00

And if you didn’t want to commit just yet to buying another product, you can always pick your favorite conditioner. Either just rub into your ends or after swimming massage throughout, comb through, then tie up in a bun and allow the sun to bake into your hair cuticle. Like a day time deep conditioning treatment. I always throw on a cute headband and Jackie O sunglasses and feel very posh. Little does everyone know this look is multipurpose, as well as CUTE. Hehe.

Me sporting the “JO” look!
Happy sunning!!



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