Sleep is UNDER rated

Having trouble catching the needed zzz’s your body needs to recoup, recover, and rebuild? Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve found help me!

Sleep is of the utmost importance when trying to reach fitness goals. It’s one of our body’s natural ways of making HGH. I think many people, myself included, don’t consider sleep a priority… When it’s one of the easiest ways to improve your health and waist line.
First, turn off the tube.. Try and relax with a book or magazine if possible, before bed.
I love sleepy time tea! Truly does relax me.
Shower or take a bath before hopping in the sheets. I always find myself feeling calmer when I’m all clean and cozy.
I always turn on my Scensty or light a candle around bed time. I have the “Hemingway” brick burning now, a soft woodsy, cinnamon, clean scent.. Or lavender Yankee Doodle candle I enjoy too. One or the other not both!
A dark, like black out, room is most conducive for staying asleep. Now it’s not always possible, I understand… Therefore get a groovy sleep mask like yours truly.
I’ve also been a huge fan of sleep apps. Nature sounds or white noise really do calm your thoughts. If you’re a thinker/ worrier come bed time this will do wonders. You can set a timer for the sounds to play for x amount of time. I usually set mine up for an hour. Here’s the one I’m enjoying most right now.

Hope some of these tips will help you!
Night night


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