Rage on Drugstore BB Cream

If you’ve been in a drugstore in the past month you’re no stranger to BB Creams. You may of or may not of tried but they are simply glorified tinted moisturizers with SPF, primer, moisturizers, concealer, anti aging, all in one.
Let me guide you where to spend your pretty penny!!

So far I’ve tried 3 drugstore brands and excited to try one more I just saw that launched. READ ON…

I’ve tried the Gariner BB Cream, Maybelline Dream BB Cream, and the Covergirl BB cream.
Out of the three, I’ve enjoyed the Garnier the best!

Garnier- Now if you’re oily this may not be your best bet, but I enjoy the moisture, I do find I need to powder my nose/ tee zone one or two times a day, but come on, its Summer! Everyone should be doing that! It gives you that nice dewy fresh finish, not to mention BUILDABLE coverage. I got the “light to medium” color. Finger tip application I’ve found works best. It’s got the signature “Garnier scent” that all their products have. I’m not bothered by it, I quite like it in fact, but some find it offensive. So beware if sensitive!
I enjoy one tube for all needs… Especially at $12.99. Coverage, anti aging, line minimization, moisturizer, SPF, yadda yadda. This is the winner for moi!

Now Maybelline’s Beauty Balm has some pros SPF 30 vs. Garnier’s 15 SPF.. It’s less expensive coming in around $9.00 but it’s not truly a BB because there is no anti aging agents in this formula.. So we shall call this a revved up moisturizer because thats basically what it is. Very sheer again which I found I could NOT build coverage with this formula. Blah

And theeeen, CoverGirl’s BB Cream-
I’m sad to say this BUT SHAME ON YOU CG!!!! Their BB cream is identical when compared to the ingredients in their CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer. Exactly the same but simply repackaged. Ha! Annnd it sucked. Kind of translucent, I could still see a lot of imperfections after applying. Save your
money and don’t buy CG BB and just buy the smoothers if you must try for yourself.. But I do not recommend!

And the latest about to hit shelves is…
Palmers Cocoa Butter BB Cream. I’ve heard it’ll come in two shades, much like Garnier. A multifunctional BB with SPF 15, tone enhancing complex + mineral pigment to help conceal. Sounds to hit all points! Excited to try! Retails at $12.94. Have yet to see it at my local drugstore, so if you’ve tried please do comment!!
Happy Beauty Balming girls!



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