Clogged Pores? Try this! OCM with EVOO?


Oil Cleansing Method with Extra Virgin Olive Oil-

Yes girls, you heard it here. A natural and very inexpensive/ safe way to purge your pores.

Okay, so before doing so I READ a lot about how to remove excess oil and dirt from my pores with olive oil that I found in my kitchen cabinet? Needless to say, I had a lot of questions… Do I use a piece of bread to wipe it off? Will I have a pizza face post cleanse? Fight oil with oil? I’m confused…

After looking up many reviews and how to’s… I found more positive things than negative..

So I began.. All you will need is EVOO (cold pressed is best) and a washcloth at the bathroom sink.

Apply to clean face, and massage oil, more the better, into your tee zone. All of the vitamins and oils in EVOO break down sebum, the pesky nuisance that clogs our pores.. As an active girl I’ve always fought to keep my face looking tip top with sweating, sometimes unavoidably with makeup on, on a regular consistent basis. Anyhoo, rub for 5-10 mins. You’ll slowly feel granular fragments under your finger tips. WOOF! It’s the sebum breaking free from your clogged pores. Once your mini facial massage is over, you will wipe the oil away from your face with as warm as you can stand washcloth so there is no remaining oil on your skin. Cleanse after with a mild face soap. And TAAA DAAAAA you’re clear. Will take a few treatments, and dont exceed twice a week.This is a much safer way to extract crap from your pores that wont risk scars. Winning!

I’ve truly enjoyed adding this regimen to the weekly schedule. I feel it’s working!

You can also use olive oil as a deep hair conditioning treatment, make up remover, cuticle oil, emulsify self tanner when making mistakes.. I’m sure there are thousands of other ways as well that I’ve yet to discover.


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