Clarisonica Mia 2 How to and REVIEW

Here is a full review and how to. ~~Read and watch the video below!

Annnd may I just say… I’m in love.. When I first got Mia, I couldn’t stop using her.

I love how clean and smooth my skin feels after using it. I have noticed a for sure reduction in my forehead wrinkles, THANK GOD.

It’s pricey but way worth the investment. I recently saw in the Nordstrom’s (SUMMER 2012) catalog an awesome deal for the Mia 2 with a cleanser and 2 HEADS, the sensitive and deep pore cleaning brush head for $149.00. That’s a savings of almost $70.00 dollars. I’ve also seen great specials at Ulta. I would hold out and wait for an excellent deal for it doesn’t feel as harsh as a hit to your pocket-book. But know, once you have it, you’ll understand what you were missing before.

Uhhh good-bye pore strips!



One thought on “Clarisonica Mia 2 How to and REVIEW

  1. So glad you reviewed and use this product. I’ve been looking into getting one, I use a cheep one I got at Wally world but have been curious about the Clarisonic. I will watch for a sale and add it to my regimen.

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